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MCSB is Moving (rehearsal venue)

Due to a increasing number of factors, the MCSB will be rehearsing at Northwest Rankin High School beginning with the August 28, 2017 rehearsal for our October 7 concert.

With at least half of the MCSB living in the Rankin County area (and points east), and the wonderful warm welcome we receive from NWRHS Band Director Jerry Pickering, we are happy with this move. Apologies to those who have to drive a bit farther, but with much consideration, we feel the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences.

To see directions and a map to the new venue, click HERE.

The Emerging Young Artist SCHOLARSHIP

For student musicians - we award a $500 (or more!) scholarship. To learn about applying for the scholarship,. please see our SCHOLARSHIP PAGE.

To CONTRIBUTE to the scholarship, please either click the DONATE button at the top left of this page, or contact our band's TREASURER.

MCSB/Mississippi Swing! Wins 2016 Governor's Award!

A huge round of applause and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to David Schommer and everyone who helped with the MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DRIVE last year. We just received notice (on February 8, 2016) that the Musical Instrument Drive has been named a 2016 Governor's Award recipient for outstanding community partnership.

To date, six schools representing three districts have received instruments for the drive, and more instruments continue to come in. David Schommer is planning another instrument distribution in the near future.

Besides David Schommer, who has been the principal coordinator and impetus for this drive, we also thank and congratulate everyone involved in the project, including those who donated funds, those who donated instruments, those who helped repair instruments, those who helped test repaired instruments, those who worked the information table during our concerts, and all other individual and corporate sponsors and supporters.

Way to go, everyone!

Support the MCSB with Kroger Rewards

You can financially support the MCSB without it costing you one penny more! for full details.

We Need Volunteers!

May 2015 Patriotic Concert CD Available!

We do have some copies of the MCSB Concert CD from May 2015 available. If you would like a copy, come to our next concert and ask the attendants at the table in the lobby. .

MCSB BYLAWS Available for Viewing

The MCSB Bylaws have been replaced with a major rewrite. LEARN MORE HERE.

MCSB Auxiliary Membership NOW OPEN

Now, for the first time ever, NON-PLAYERS have the opportunity to be a part of the MCSB.
Please click here to read more about it.

MCSB Auxiliary Chairman DON WEST is doing a great job with this wonderful new group of MCSB assistants. Find out about the Auxiliary, and JOIN US!.

CUMC Venue Working Well

Some Empty Seats, but Still GREAT Crowds

Feedback from audience members indicates almost everyone is happy with
the new venue. Even though there are some kinks still to work out, we continue to grow into our new concert space.

We need SATB Singers for This Year's Patriotic Mass Choir

We need up to 50 singers in each section (SATB) to join us for FOUR TUNES during the finale to our May patriotic concert. CLICK HERE for more details.

Band News:


EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A NAME TAG: Wear your name tag to rehearsals and to the concerts. This will help us get to know each other more quickly, and it will help new members learn who you are.

To get your name tag, print your name and instrument on a piece of paper, just as you want it to appear on your nametag. Give this paper along with $10 to cover the cost of the nametag, to Bobby McClellan (bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet), band treasurer. He will order your nametag.


You can see the schedule for the concerts this year on our Concert Information Page. 

MCSB Products On Sale:

Embroidered Band Logo items are now available. Please CLICK HERE to see ordering instructions. 

The MCSB Is Available For Concerts

We are a continually looking for performance opportunities. We would be happy to play for any of our local communities (twelve cities and three counties), for a church, or for a consortium of private or commercial entities. If you are interested in having the MCSB perform, please contact a member of our Board of Directors.

We Are Growing! Even though the band is not yet a decade old (our first concert was May 24, 2004), we have already had over 200 players sign up to play! Some of them can't make it right now because of their schedules, and some have already moved away, but we do have right about eighty regulars. What a great band we're building! 

Information for Band Members:

If you are a band member or potential member, please check here for the latest information about rehearsals, concerts, and other events.  

If you are even thinking about joining the band, click here and fill out our online form, so we can have your contact information, and let you know about things that are happening. Also, click the link above to sign up for our News and Events Newsletter.


We will post updates and new information on this website as soon as they become available.

If you're really excited about helping this band get better and better, Call any of the Board members now (see Contact Information).


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