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Symphonic Band
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MCSB Members Only Private Page

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When Turning In MONEY...

Many of us need to turn in money to Bobby McClellan (our new Treasurer) for one reason or another. You might want to pay for your name tag, or you've received a donation or want to make a donation or you've sold a couple of CDs... This is all WONDERFUL, and we NEED the money to keep operating. HOWEVER, please please, when you turn in money, also give Bobby a piece of paper telling the amount of the money and WHAT IT'S FOR! This includes who it's from. If you don't do this, then our bookkeeping will be a mess, and if you do, it will be a super help. THANKS!


Many people donít realize this yet, but according to U.S. law, mileage driven ďin support of a charitable organizationĒ is deductible from your income tax at the rate of  14 cents per mile .


This isnít a lot, and certainly doesnít compare to business mileage, which is 57.5 cents per mile in 2015, but itís definitely SOMETHING. And SOME of us drive a LOT of miles in support of the MCSB and other charitable organizations.

Itís worth keeping track of for a while, just to see how much you can deduct.

For example, in 2015, someone living 8.25 miles from rehearsals and 13.7 miles away from concerts would be able to deduct 1044.5 miles at 14 cents per mile, or $146.23. If you are in the 25% tax bracket, that's an extra $36.56 back on your income tax. Worth it? You decide.

By the way, for an easy way to use Google to calculate mileage between points, see the YouTube video tutorial here.

Embroidered Band Logo Items

We have two main sources of getting band logo items. CLICK HERE to go to our Band Logo Items Page.

This Page is Expanding

If you want to get to the DIRECTORY or MAPS page (buttons above), you will need a username and password. Contact the Director if you need one. It's not that we want to keep people out, but we have some sensitive personal information available here, and we don't want either the general public or those pesky information-gathering web-bots harvesting our members' data.

Other items we contemplate having available on the MEMBERS ONLY page include

  • A page of quotes from Band Members. This could include praises or suggestions for improvements. Band members will be able to submit quotes for inclusion in this area.

  • A Band Member Handbook. Most current members of the band understand how we operate. However, particularly for new members, we might wish to set down in writing what is expected of each person in the band, from the players to the section leaders to the officers to the board members.