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February 15, 2009 -- Impromptu Board Meeting

Hello, MCSB Members!
In this update:
TUGGA-DUT, Reprise
TUGGA-DUT! (Reprise)
We had a bit more challenge tonight with “Italian In Algiers.”
The “TUGGA-DUT” technique we worked on last week had gotten a bit rusty by this week (for some of us).
Don’t forget that even high-level professionals need to practice this technique regularly to keep their ability up, so please try to take the time to do about five or six minutes of this, a couple of times a day, it will be such a great thing to help the band sound better!
Sure, it’ll be a bit of extra work for the next couple of weeks, but wow, will it help! 
Our friend Steve Northrup (Trombone) again recorded our rehearsal with his digital recorder.
He has uploaded his recordings again, for those who’d like to listen during the week. Hey, it might be a good thing to listen to through a headset while you practice TUGGA-DUT on “Italian In Algiers”!!
You can download the recordings (first half and second half) at the following links: PracticeA Feb16.mp3 PracticeB Feb16.mp3
Thanks again, Steve!
You can still download the flyer for the March 7 concert on our website, at  (or just go to the main page and click on the “Download Concert Flyer” button).
Thanks also to Rayford Woodrick, who brought in 500 copies of the flyer to rehearsal. Almost all were taken.
These flyers really do help get the word out, so give them to your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends at church and everywhere.
During the break at rehearsal we had an impromptu MCSB Board of Directors meeting. Eleven of the 13 board members were present.
Here’s a summary of the actions, in case you’re interested.
1. On eBay right now, there’s a library of 903 sets of concert band music by many composers, price, $10,000. That averages just over $11 per chart, while we currently pay about $75 per chart. Due to the magnitude of the purchase, the state of the budget, and other factors, the consensus of the board was to not purchase this library.

2.  The next board meeting will be March 8 at 3 PM.

3.  The consensus of the board was that since there are 11 weeks between the March and May concerts, we will take TWO weeks off after the March concert. The next rehearsal after the March concert will be March 23.

4.  Murrah High School band is soliciting advertisers for their annual Awards Banquet souvenir ad booklet. MCSB percussionist De’Ryan Brister is in the Murrah Band, and will get credit for the ad. The board voted to purchase a full-page ad for $100.
That’s all.
See you at rehearsal next Monday!
Take care,
David P. Miller, Music Director
Mississippi Community Symphonic Bands
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