The Mississippi Community
Symphonic Band



We have only one primary source for MCSB Logo items at this time.

Our original source, when we first began looking for logo items, was a local store in Ridgeland, Printables And More on Highway 51. Since then, they have gone out of business, and we've found a (mostly) better source on the internet, the Queensboro Shirt Company.

The Queensboro Shirt Company

This company provides band-logo items that are EMBROIDERED and relatively inexpensive.

The MCSB Logo is their design #11030436.

THE PROS: They offer an unconditional 10-year guarantee on all their items. The quality of everything we have gotten from them to date has been superior. Their cost is on the low side of reasonable, even with the logo embroidered. There is a WIDE variety of items available, and they only require a four-piece order minimum, mix and match (except for hats).  Their customer service is very responsive, on the rare instances when they mess up an order. They have frequent sales, which drops their prices even lower. Sometimes they offer free shipping as part of a sale.

THE CONS: They (usually) charge about $14 shipping per order. It takes about two weeks to get your items. Their right hand seldom knows what their left hand is doing. For example, when you call to place an order, the representative frequently isn't aware of any current sale that's going on, so you have to tell them. The good part is they accept your reminders with good attitude.

HOW TO ORDER: First get together an order of four or more items. If you don't want to order four items for yourself, then get together with one or more other band members.

To see what they have available, browse their website, at You will have to "join" to see their entire catalog, but joining is free, and when you join, they will then send you notices of the sales they have.

After you have your order together, CALL THEM at 1-800-847-4478. You will need to call instead of ordering on line for at least your first order, to get the band logo associated with your account. Be SURE to tell them they already have our logo in their system, and it is their ID number 11030436. Once the MCSB logo is associated with your account, you can order online, then you can see how the logo will look on the various items they offer.

When placing an order, be sure you have the STYLE number for each item you're ordering, the color, and the price (especially the SALE price) handy. If there's a special offer, for example, free shipping, be sure to have the coupon code handy as well. If you don't ask for the discount or sale price, they will try to charge you the full price. But the products are good enough that it's worth this small hassle.



Wearing band logo items, particularly shirts, helps spread the word about the band, and shows that we are proud of being members of the MCSB.

Besides, they look pretty good!

Some sections have decided to get all the same style item, and wear it at the same time, to show section identity. Cool! What do you want for your section?